Club videos

For videos from events at the Oklahoma Curling Club, check out our YouTube channel.

We also have the first installment of a series of introductory learn-to-curl videos (more soon):

USA Arena Curling Nationals

The club sent two teams to the inaugural 2013 USA Arena Curling Nationals. Watch the women's team (Hopper) play for the consolation title here and the men's team (Havercroft) play their draw 14 game here.

Other curling videos

Many exciting curling matches and highlights can be seen on the World Curling Federation YouTube channel.

Several games and highlights from the 2010 Vancouver olympics are also available on the OlympicVancourver2010 YouTube channel.

Finally, some curling events are streamed live on the 12th End Sports Network; check their web site for schedule information.

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